Get Your Outdoor TV and Outdoor Speakers Ready for Summer

Pool parties are better with great A/V including an outdoor TV and outdoor speakers

Is your backyard outfitted with an outdoor TV and outdoor speaker system? Why not?

Now that the chill and gray weather is (hopefully) behind us for the season, many people will be stepping out of the dark caves of their home theaters and into the sunlight in their back yards.

As any realtor or home remodeler will tell you, the backyard (or deck, patio, roof…) is the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family. Just look at the growth of the landscaping and outdoor kitchen business as proof. But what happens when you bring all your party guests over for some grilling, swimming and chillin, but the cool AV gear is all in the house?

Great Start to Spring

It’s been a great start to Spring at Custom Audio Concepts. The garage sale is over and there are still some items left over.

We are back to business. There are several interesting projects going on.

The Chuck Wagon Express has had a new system installed that is pretty incredible.

The work on the new Tom Ahl Hyundai building is moving along. It will be gorgeous when it is all completed.

Custom Audio is undergoing some changes in both the store and services we offer.

We have changed the Car Audio room and it is incredible with the car video sharing the same room and a couple of extra things you need to stop in and see.

The whole house audio room was moved into the car video room. We are displaying audio and video for both inside and outside the house. There are lot of cool new items like the Klispch speakers that also function as lights and the new terra cotta outdoor planter speaker.

Well hope to see you soon and will update with what’s new.